Extrusion is a process where the melting of PE granules is carried out and the film is formed into more modern extrusion lines. Polyethylene film is basically transparent and can be painted in different colors at customer’s request. The shape of the film resulting from the extrusion process can be a single film, a double film, a half film and a hose.

The film produced is of ideal mechanical properties for use as a laminating film and as a heat shrink film, and is produced in thicknesses ranging from 5 cm to 140 cm. The additive addition process is conducted electronically by gravimetric method, which ensures the proper distribution of the desired additive over the entire surface of the material

In our production facility we have state-of-the-art flexo-printing machines with the ability to print up to eight colors. Our team will do our best to pack your recognizable brand product into the global market in accordance with your wishes and our knowledge and capabilities.

Prints on films can be internal or external and one-sided up to eight colors (8 + 0) or double-sided up to 6 colors (6 + 6).

With our own cliché production facility, we have complete control from preparation to the printing process.

In order to supply customers with quality duplex and triplex materials, FerPlast has a solvent-free laminating machine. We are able to perform lamination process with exceptional adhesive properties between individual layers.

With this process, we want to provide our customers with unlimited packaging options for a wide variety of product types. Our expert team of technologists, with a huge commitment to the daily testing of different material combinations, strives to provide safe packaging conditions for a wide variety of products.

The final product is formed at this stage. This process is automated and requires a series of operations such as slitting, welding, forming a handle, etc. all to give the end product its final shape.

We have slitters from reputable brands and are able to top-grade various types of material – depending on customer needs, up to 1600 mm wide.

It’s a human factor – whether it’s the lack of marked landfills or the lack of habit of landing. The primary aspect of our business is environmental protection.

This is manifested through a series of activities where recycling takes primary place. Recycling is the process by which film and bags used are processed and returned to use in the form of regranulates. In this way, all collected material, whether waste film, technological waste generated in the production process itself, or used bags, is deposited and processed into usable regranulates, which greatly contributes to environmental protection.

This reduces the exploitation of the raw material to the highest possible level and the recycled film can also be recycled after use. Proper disposal is the most common problem with PE bags / packaging.

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